Our Mission Statement

To ensure satisfaction in your purchase by providing detailed and accurate descriptions and photographs which accurately depict the condition of the item and identify any flaws which would be a consideration in your decision to purchase. Slight differences in condition can result in large variations in values so we attempt to provide as much detail as possible to ensure you are not surprised upon receipt of your item.

We will attempt to always have items available that meet every budget but will not compromise on quality by selling lower grade examples of common antique firearms. We believe that collecting antique firearms should first be a passion and a hobby but recognize that it is also an investment and therefore we will only present pieces which we feel are good investments with potential for future increases in value.

Seven Day Inspection & Return Policy

We will make every attempt to provide detailed photos and an accurate description of each item to ensure the item you receive is what you expected and to minimize returns. We provide a one-week (seven day) inspection period after the delivery date. If you are not fully content with your purchase, please contact us within the seven days inspection period to arrange for return of the item for a full refund less the original shipping cost.

Items must be shipped back timely and fully insured and packaged as originally shipped. Please contact us before returning to discuss the method of packaging and shipment. Shipping costs for returns, including insurance are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Returned items must be in the same condition as when shipped and must not be damaged, altered or modified in any manner. If an item is damaged during the shipment it will be returned to the purchaser to pursue damages with the shipping company.


We guarantee all items as described and presented to you the purchaser. There is no honor in selling an item fraudulently with intent to deceive. We make every attempt to avoid owning firearms which have been altered, modified or faked. However, these pieces are over 120 years old and, in some cases, rarer pieces are acquired which may have been repaired or modified over a lifetime of use. These are simply part of that items history and we will make every attempt to point these out.

Unfortunately, today’s artisans have been able to duplicate original finishes and parts that can be difficult for all but the most discerning eye to detect. If there are questions we rely on other collectors and experts to help us to first validate the authenticity of any item we add to our collection. However, it is always possible that there may be something missed.

We will honor our full guarantee for one year from the original date of purchase. If during that time you discover that the item is not as we described, please contact us and we will discuss your desire for either a discount to the original price or return of the item and full refund.

Privacy Policy

All inquiries and purchases, including any detail of that purchase or record of that purchase will be kept private.

Viewing Items in Person

If you are in the Bozeman area and would like to inspect a particular piece I will be happy to meet you in town. The Oasis in Manhattan is one of my favorite watering holes!

Ownership & Safety Policy

We sell these firearms as antiques and collector pieces only. We do not shoot our antique guns and do not intend for them to be sold to you for the purpose of shooting. We do not guarantee the safety of any firearm if loaded and/or discharged. We believe the value in these pieces lies in their historic relevance as an antique and not in their function as a firearm. Any purchase of a firearm from us comes with the implicit understanding of this policy by the purchaser.

To Purchase

Our website is not an on-line store. If you wish to purchase an item please contact me via phone or email. If you decide to immediately purchase a listed item and cannot reach me via phone, please leave a voicemail or email stating your intent. All inquiries for purchase will be handled and prioritized in the order received. We accept Money Orders, Bank Certified Checks and personal checks. Items will be held until checks clear.


We are willing to consider layaways on some items. Layaways and their terms will be determined on an item by item basis and will vary.


We are always interested in considering trades when they fit into our collection or meet our quality criteria and opportunity for re-sale at a reasonable price.

Shipping & Regulations

All items will be initially shipped in a protective hard case which we will provide at no cost to you. This will minimize the potential for damage during the shipment. We will normally use the USPS or UPS. In some cases, when high value and rarity dictates the need for the safest and quickest method of shipment we may recommend using priority or expedited shipping options.

All items shipped will be fully insured. If an item is received damaged, contact us immediately and we will make arrangements for inspection by the shipping company and discuss the need to repair, discount, or return the item with a full refund.

We will adhere to all Federal and State Laws regarding interstate shipment of firearms. In general, most states and the federal government do not regulate firearms made prior to January 1st, 1899. However, some states such as New Jersey and Hawaii have laws governing antique firearms that supersede Federal law. In those cases, we will adhere to whatever laws and standards are set by that state regarding the sale and transfer of antique firearms.

In the event that we offer a firearm that does not meet the criteria for an antique, we will follow all Federal and State laws governing the sale and transfer of “modern” or “collector and relic” firearms which in most cases will require proof of and shipment to an FFL or C&R license holder. We do not hold a FFL license and when required by law will transfer and ship, at our expense, from a local FFL licensed dealer.

Shipping Costs

These will obviously vary depending upon weight and distance but you can expect domestic shipping costs for longarms to be between $25 and $60 including insurance. Handguns will run $10-$25.

International Sales

We can sell antique firearms internationally through a licensed exporter. Upon clearance of payment for an item we will ship that item directly to the exporter of your choice. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to select an exporter in the U.S. and work with that exporter to complete the appropriate paperwork, collect the appropriate fees and arrange for shipping and pickup. We will contact the exporter prior to shipment and notify them upon shipment to ensure there are no complications.

Contact Us

Hours of 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM EST or 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM PST

(406) 640-2232 mark@absarokaantiquearms.com

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